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Afghanistan: Gateway to Opportunity

The I.R of Afghanistan is committed to prosperity and peace. Afghanistan is in a period of rapid transition from a state-based model to a market economy, bringing with it enormous opportunity. There is no denying that many challenges exist, but despite this, strong private sector growth is occurring and prospects abound.

Recognizing that effective governance provides the best basis for a stable and safe economic environment, the Government of Afghanistan is taking quick steps forward in creating attractive conditions for foreign investment: strengthening regulatory frameworks, undertaking legal reforms, dealing with corruption – creating an environment which promotes enterprise.

And enterprise is growing. As barriers to doing business are dealt with, Afghanistan has seen average growth rates in the double digits and the creation of favourable macroeconomic conditions, according to the World Bank, with a historically high GDP· growth (22.5%) and declining prices in 2009/10.

Afghanistan‘s history and location – on the doorstep of the fastest growing region in the world - give it the potential to take its place again as a vital trade hub for the region. Our strategic location between the energy-rich republics of Central Asia and the major seaports in South Asia makes it a key transit route for central Asian oil and gas markets.

Afghanistan has a population of almost 30million, a multi-lingual workforce and a cost-competitive labor environment. Domestic industries such as telecommunications, construction, building materials, financial services are growing quickly. Opportunities for new investment range from traditional industries and sectors such as agriculture and mining to the fast evolving technology sectors and hydrocarbon industry. Fresh opportunities are emerging as new markets continue to open and develop, particularly in South East Asia. 

Afghanistan is open for business. The Embassy of Afghanistan’s Commercial Attaché can provide a range of services to investors, including information about local market conditions and regulations. We will be delighted to refer you to relevant organizations and companies.


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