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The conference was titled:"Youths' role in election and the challenges ahead." The AYC stressed that Afghan youth should realize the importance of their role in the electoral process and engage it as much as possible. Some MPs and civil society members also attended the conference and shared their views on the role the youth in the elections.  Sayed Nurul Haq Haidaryar, the head of the AYC, urged Afghan youth to establish a favorable government by through large voter turnout that would preserve and build on all the achievements made over the past decade.  Meanwhile, at a separate gathering in Kabul, the Sahak Tribe Council urged the Independent Election Commission (IEC), Afghan government and international community to open polling booths in the remotest areas of the country so that more people can participate and establish their government.  "The IEC, Afghan government and international community should open polling booths in the remote districts and provinces so that more people can participate in the elections," said Ehsanullah Sahak, spokesman of the Sahak Council.  In an effort to ensure the inclusion of rural Afghans in the election process, the IEC recently announced that the voter registration period would be extended by 45 days in certain remote villages.  The elections are scheduled to take place on April 5th, 2014, but security remains a major challenge for the Afghan authorities. A major fear is that security concerns could keep potential voters at home and open the door to electoral fraud.
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