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TOLOnews.com By Shakeela Ibrahimkhail 05 December 2013
President Hamid Karzai on Thursday issued a stern warning to Afghan media, some of which he said was inciting ethnic strife and trying to undermine the Afghanistan's national unity.

His comments came after Afghan lawmakers had serious debates recently over putting ethnic identities in addition to the national identity on the National ID cards.

The Afghan government's plan to issue electronic ID cards for the Afghan citizens awaits the law to be passed by the parliament. After the row in between the lawmakers, a TV commentator recently on a private TV channel made controversial comments about Afghan monitories, saying they don't belong to Afghanistan.

"You can insult me as much as you want, you can criticize as much as you want, you have the right to, there are many faults in this government," Karzai said. "You say anything for the foreigners because you are afraid of them, you always speak good of them, but your wellbeing comes from this people, and the wellbeing of this people, from the national unity of this soil."

"Don't forget that you were all once immigrants and in a bad condition," he added, apparently referring to the mass migration of Afghans back to the country after the 2001 invasion. "The respect that you have today, that allows you to take part in TV programs - some with ties, some with Pakoul on and some a shawl - is from the power of this nation."

Without going into specifics, Karzai claimed that there were Afghan TV channels trying to undermine the unity of ethnicities and tribes in Afghanistan, by abusing language and inciting hostility.

"I consider it my job to take strict legal action against those who are promoting discrimination," Karzai said.

The President emphasized supporting media and freedom of speech in Afghanistan but said that those who are trying to destroy the national unity of the country are not representing the people of Afghanistan.

At the moment, 69 private TV channels, 157 radios channels and over 100 news publications are working in Afghanistan.

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