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The couples are bus with impending royal wedding, after they announced their engagement on 27 April 2013. The wedding will take place at the Palace of Çirağan on the European shores of the Istanbul Strait in Turkey. The engagement party was joined by members of their family, including a delighted King Fuad II and Noal Zaher’s mother, Fatima Aref Begum. Prince Muhammad Ali was born in Cairo in 1979 and is the eldest son of Fuad II, the last king of Egypt, giving him the title of Prince of Sa’id. Princess Noal, daughter of Mohammad Daoud Khan Pachtounyar was born in 1980 in the Italian capital of Rome. Daoud Khan Pachtounyar was the fifth son of the last king of Afghanistan Zahir Shah and his queen, Homeira. According to reports Noal Zaher met Prince Muhammad during a holiday in Istanbul. Currently Prince Muhammad resides in Paris where he works in real estate. Noal Zaher got her European Business degree from famous French university Institut Saint-Domonique, before specialising in jewellery design at Webster University in London.

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