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TOLOnews.com By Shahla Murtazaie 07 August 2013
Officials of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Wednesday announced that Emirates Airline has expressed interest to launch its regular flight services in Afghanistan within four months. Emirates officials said that they will operate on the Kabul-Dubai-Kabul route.

The move clearly indicates that private companies are now feeling safe to operate their businesses in Afghanistan.

The MoFA officials said that Emirates is confident to handle the present security situation in the country.

"If the company was not sure about the security situation, they would not have started services in Afghanistan," said a MoFA official.

The Emirates is an airline company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Meanwhile, Daoud Ali Najafi, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation also welcomed the company's decision to start its operation in the country.

"After negotiations the company decided that it will start its services in Afghanistan. Emirates has sent a schedule and assured that it will start operating from December," said Mr. Najafi.

However, the local airline companies have raised objections over allowing entry to Emirates. They said that the Afghan aviation market cannot accommodate more foreign airline companies.

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