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The nomination filing process is scheduled to begin on September 16 and end until October 7. The aspiring candidates must provide signatures, fingerprints or voter card numbers from a total of 100,000 individuals representing at least 18 different provinces who support their candidacy in order to be eligible for the election.  "If there is a defect in the documents, legally, the candidate's application will be dropped," admonished Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhail, the head of IEC Secretariat. "I request all those who are planning to nominate themselves in the upcoming Presidential or Provincial Counsel elections to send their accurate documentations to the commission on time."  Mindful of past experiences of violations in the nomination process, the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) urged the IEC to take special precaution to prevent fraud in the proof-of-support submissions required of the nominees. The IEC was quick to assure that strict diligence would be practiced.  "Once the candidates submit their forms with specific information about their province and district, the Independent Election Commission will take serious steps and will work to verify the [voter] cards," said Mr. Amarkhail.  Mr. Amarkhail emphasized that the IEC would assess the documents and voting cards submitted by the candidates with the help of modern equipment that would ensure no mistakes were made.  However, FEFA officials appeared wary of the IEC's plan of action.  "The Independent Elections Commission should show the procedures and equipment to the media and civil institutions in order to gain the people's trust," said Nader Naderi, the head of FEFA.  According to FEFA reports, the 2004 and 2005 elections saw rampant voter card fraud by aspiring candidates in attempts to meet the 100,000 mark.
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